Located in Fuqing District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Polytechnic Normal University(FPNU) is one of the best comprehensive public universities in Fujian Province. It owns the only Equestrian Team among all the public Universities in Fujian Province.
China and Indonesia launched a joint program based in Fuqing, It is called “Two Countries Twin Parks” which represents a solid step in synergizing China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Indonesia’s Vision for the Global Maritime Fulcrum, as well as an innovative approach to deeper economic and trade ties at the favorable juncture of the upgrading of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone and the signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Agreement. FPNU is a key player in this “Two Countries Twin Parks” project and international graduates are always offered to work in this park with decent salary. http://en.fpnu.edu.cn/



Admission Information for 2023/2024 Session


Programs: Undergraduate(S1)

Teaching language: Mandarin

Scholarship: Depending on programs

All undergraduate programs require Mandarin HSK 4 (180+). If no Mandarin basis or Mandarin not good enough, we provide one-year free Mandarin intensive course as foundation to help you get ready.


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